Your Life

Life cannot be a immortal living.
One who has seen this world is destined to see the hell and heaven also.
Life is one time experience which you can either make yourself or you can just do what others expect you to do.
When you go through the journey called life let not give people a chance to say he just passed his life. Rather make people force to say he lived his life.
Its your life which you will get only once let not people dominate over it .
Make it the best.
Go to the highest mountain you feared in childhood.
Dive into the deepest see , which you fanticised when young.
Achieve everything which people only think of.
Obambulate here and there.
Don’t you regret anything in your oldage.
Do what you think is right.
You are obliged only to yourself.
You are only liable to answer your questions.
Don’t ever work to please someone. Just do it to make yourself satisfied.
There will be many hindrances in your pathway till you own the zenith of everything but its upto you how you face them.
Make the best use of your time to its fullest .
Don’t spare an iota of your life just to regret what people said behind you.
Its there job to speak and its your job to show them what you can do.



One who says friendship is an easy thing has obviously never had a true friend.


Sometimes it is worth your time.
Not everything you do in life should be destined to make others happy.
Sometimes its you ; who needs to be happy.
Sometimes its not your goals that you have to achieve.
Sometimes its just your inner peace which is to be cogent.
Sometimes its not your professional life.
Because sometimes its the blithe attitude you show.
Sometimes its not just striding down the lane.
Sometimes it is just obambulating.
Sometimes you need not be a martinet.
Sometimes you just need to be gallivant.
Many a times its not people.

But many a times its books.


Little did she know the world was only meant to break her.
And little did she know that she was meant to bear it all still not break.
But little did anybody know she was already in pieces which only she could hold together.
Little did anybody know that she was a strong woman that she won’t let you break her all over.
They found her the introvert.
Little did they know she was bonzer to hide her feelings from this selfish world.
They found her hard going.
Little did they know what she has gone through.
They found her the best person to confess something.
Little did they know she has been keeping her darkest secrets locked in her mind.
They found her stubborn.
Little did they know what circumstances she went through that made her like she is right now.
They found her heartless brat.
Little did they know she cried out all her feelings at night.
They found a smile on her face always.
Little did they know she was an expert at faking.
They thought she was mislead.
Little did they know she wended her way.

Little did they know she just wants a life where she won’t be judged by them.
Little did they know she was a humdinger.
Little by little they started to drift from her life and ultimately they were the SOCIETY for her.

Upon this earth

Sometimes all you need is your time to discover who you are.
Sometimes people tend you so much that it becomes difficult for you to recognise what you were earlier.
People will be so grateful to you when they newly meet you but as time passes by you see them drifting away from your lives.
When everything gets changed people ask you why have you changed.
You see a girl daily smiling all day long.
Do you even know what cost she pays for that smile.
Do you even know how many tears she shed the whole night.
Do you even know the cost of her tears.
She gave her everything to the world.
And yet she got all the bad from the world.
She accepts it and moves ahead in life without complaining.
She compromises with her life for others.
And then one day everybody leaves her.
She sits there all broken.
She wants to cry her heart out but who will listen.
She has a whole story to tell but who has time to hear her story.
She needs someone.
But no one wants her.
She is destined to live alone.
Because no one can fulfil her demands and no one can keep her promises.
She is a high maintenance. Not in terms of money but in terms of respect.
Therefore she is all prepared to face the world alone as she has been taught from the beginning.
She is the creator of her own destiny.
She is used to all the flaws of hers which she now considers her strengths.
She is not guilty of whatever she does in her life because everything she do has a deep rooted meaning which is invisible to others and she has no time to explain them to people who doesn’t really care.
If you cannot handle her at her worst you ain’t capable of seeing her at her best.

Just another day

Love was the least she demanded.
Time was the most she needed.
On the contrary by this ironical world ,
Time was the least she got.
She watched people holding hands.
She watched people talking.
She watched people walking hand in hand.
She watched people smiling together.
She watched people fighting together.
She watched the people make the other one.
She watched the people and she cried.
She was the once into all this but now all this was a dream for her.
She wished to live all those moments again not because she is weak but because she is tired of being strong.
She is tired of faking smiles.
She is tired of controlling the tears.
She is tired of caring for people who doesn’t even care.
She has a small lot of people by her side and she is living for them only.
She doesn’t say that she can die for you but she says she will live for you.
She has bear everything and still move on because she cannot show her weaker side to everybody.
Because they are not so strong to see me weep.
But sometimes those tears also lose their value.
And taken for granted.
Truly said no one will realise your value till you are there.
For once i wish to get lost to see that whether you will come to find me.
Or i am just another leaf in the tree.


And then they want you to be the previous you !
She enjoyed her life laughing and smiling away all the grudges without a sign of regret on her forehead.
She found her happy place in obambulating the unknown places. She discovered her happiness herself. Smile was a ornament she daily used to wear. She used to chatter around here and there. Not conscious of the world and what the people will think of her.
She feared none.
She tolerated none.
She hated none.
What her vibe was , ” a happy one “.
She stood by herself when nobody did.
She handled herself when nobody asked.
She loved some and they meant the world to her.
She was an enticement which people never understood.
Sometimes she was a panglossian and some days a pessimistic.
Sometimes she used to create a brouhaha over a matter and sometimes sober.
To be in her good books you should have been among her 12 best friends or her family.
Apart from them she didn’t care about anybody.
She was the artist of her own dreams.
She went into dilemma and the one who can make her come out from that was she herself.
She was the answer to every question she asked.
She was a mystery that unfolds everyday.
She was a oblivion still cogent.


What happiness means to you ?

It may be a sole different definition for you and a complete contrary to me.

Happiness is a way that defines my life. 

To obambulate here and there with the earplugs plugged in where nights seems more darker and when there is no peace inside. 

You will find many allurements in this world but its upto how u repel them or how you attract them.

People are of the opinion that they may find their happy place in someone’s else’s happy residence. But then they tend to forget that the place which can make you eternally happy is the peace within you.

Yes Your Inner Peace.

Which you tend to neglect for others.

Was this the motive of your mother who held you in her womb for months or was this was the extreme care and affection of your dad who bought up their child to see him / her pleasing others throughout his/her life.

Be your own sunshine when the day is dim, be your own light in the world full of negatives.

Move on your path , fall , get up , again move . Its you who is controlling your life . You could love yourself the whole night and work hard upon yourself in the daytime . 

Make up your mind for the best.

Make your mind so happy that you have no reason to complain.

Don’t measure your hard work by someone else’s ruler. 

Be ambitious , be your own ruler. //-Manika

Dangerous love

And when someone clarifies that they have fallen in love with you never trust them , never belief anything which has a meaning eternal love. It is the biggest trap a person can fall in. When your life is mortal , when your soul existence is temporary , where everything is going into oblivion how can u promise someone eternal love. And then they talk about happy ending in this also there is an ending. Nothing can prevail without its end. If its there it is destined to vanish some day or the other. And that day even you can’t hold it. Everything is just similar to sand you can hold it for a second or more but then it is destined to leave your hand ans escape into the free world. Same is the case for people where there forever is just some seconds and then they vanish from our lives. And after all this the society asks us to move on. Truly said that until you have stepped into others shoe you cannot know their plight. Think twice how can we move on? Will not the memories which you say will fade away with time gradually reappear at the very instant something of the similar sort happen. How can you just move on when a person left but memories always prevail. Memories are the biggest enemies of people. When we want to forget them they haunt us more. Apart from that only good memories which once we had terrifies us the most. No this is not easy because every one before leaving creates such a impact on you that you automatically become habitual to that person and when they depart they leave us the most lonely person ever we ever know.

This is fate , everybody experiences this in their lives. No one is novice in this aspect of life.  Love cannot always prevail in this generation . As this is the generation of change so is the new trend of people . They want people to fall for them and when we have fallen much they tend to get bored and leave them as if we are just toys to be played with. 

This is the century we live in where status have over outdated feelings. Moreover power have overridden people. //-Manika

Almighty’s gift

To the one you loved before you actually saw her. To the one who actually starts a living on this earth. To the person who deserves every aspect of life. To the one who makes the very existence possible. 


Ever imagined yourself coming home from a very tiring day and not finding your mom ,you will look around the whole house till u see her. You can find comfort only by glancing at her. Such a jewel god has made.

She is the one who can feel what you cant feel, she is the one who can see what is invisible to you,she can clear you doubts when you are in an oblivion,the only person who can bring you out of dilemma is


It will be suffice if you even hear her voice. The most powerful person to be endorsed should definitely be a mother


Nobody else has the capacity to bear such a extreme pain which nearly kills her ,to bring a new life on this earth. Does she not be our highest priority in our busy schedule. 

You took her for granted for once think about a child who lost her mother that child did not have a thing which you take god given. It hurts deep.

A mother is the greatest gift of the almighty,she will be your light when you will be blindfolded and if there’s no light there is no life..