Dear All,

I was just wondering how do people covet for relationships.
The same story is repeated all over again.
You talk to someone.
The become your habit.
You fall in love.
You express that love.
You live together.
You call yourselves couple goals.
You start ignoring the person you love.
You start feeling bored.
You start to feel that you can’t the person anymore.
You start thinking the relation is not working anymore.
You get separated.
And this process goes on and on.
The above lines in short can be called “TODAY’S TREND”.
I have seen people holding hands.
I have seen people declining in love.
At one time you can be complete adults and the other time the childish one.
But in the end what you do is care.
Relationships have fights.
But not daily.
Relations may break one day.
But what if it break each day.
The happiest person today is who has a partner.
Who are couple goals.
Who post the pictures of their partner on social media to make others feel low.
To celebrate each day.
Isn’t it important to tell somebody that what place they hold in your life.
Ok don’t tell at least you can show.
Life is all about prioritizing things.
And its the best way to show someone how you feel about them.
If you have been in love then you might know that its a confusing mixture of everything.
But everything has to go side by side.
You can just fall in love.
But you will not be able to live in love.
Love kills from within if not reciprocated in the similar way.
Love kills when you dreams are not fulfilled by your partner,after all we are human beings and each being desires something.
Love kills when you see no future.
When you know it cannot last forever but you still don’t have the power to overcome that person.
You start suffering, you start hurting yourself.
Because the person earlier was there to hold you when you fall but now that same person is the reason why you fall.
That feeling how that the person doesn’t feel the same like you feel for them that feeling tears you apart.
It hurts more when you ultimately realise that its never enough a person can give as in the end it was never meant to be.
Nevertheless love is a painful story.
A story which ends happily only in dreams. and fairytales.
Though how much you disagree on my point , there might have come a day or a day might come when you will also say “IT’S ENOUGH”.
When you will realise that love is dream , a fantasy, a philosophy or rather a myth.
Old Cupid is also tired of making the same person fall in love every month with another one.
Cupid has many arrows but you have only one heart.
Love is trap.
Better stay out of it.
Or it will destroy your consciences.
Don’t let love make you a victim of itself its creepy and just a futz.
Its frustrating to love someone with full potential who doesn’t reciprocate even an iota of it.

Yours stupid ,


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