Do you have time?
If no then take out some.
If yes then think about it.
You are away from home living away from your parents.
Living on there money.
You came to stand up to their expectations.
But fulfilling your wishes.
What does the generation of today wish.
Yes the modern trend has made us so elite in our terms that we consider doing all stuff like drinking , sex , lavish life on the money of whom.
Yes answer it on the money of whom?
Yes the one’s who gave you birth , who took care of you selflessly , who are the one who make you rise when ever you fall.
They did not ask you anything but every time you ask them for money.
A thing which you don’t own.
A thing which belongs to them.
You spend it like you deserve it.
I’ll ask you a thing.
Whatever age you are have you done anything to make your parents proud.
And how many things are you presently doing which doesn’t suit your highness.
Today i really understood was selfless and humanity is.
Much of the people destroying this earth day by day only has humanity and selfless only in their vocabulary.
But do you even know what does it means.
I am not wanting your oxford dictionary meaning.
That even i can read .
Your mother. Yes your mother , not anybody you don’t know.
I guess she is the best person you know the best.
She is the definition of selfless.
You have a real example in your life and you were finding that in the oxford.
And here comes humanity poking its nose.
We give speeches on being humane in our approach.
Oh young one come here lemme give a hug if that is what you call humanity.
I have seen people wasting things they don’t no longer desire for it.
Doesn’t it hurts your heart even an iota when you do that.
When you have a twitch in your heart upon doing things which are mediocre these days you can proudly call yourself that you are a bit of human.
There is a lot of difference in being human and a human being.
Figure out who you are and you’ll get your answer.
Following the mundane routine is normal.
But showing a bit humanity is immortal.
Never in life cry about things you don’t posses.
The person in front of you might not even have what you posses and still smiling.
Don’t show yourself as a weak , meagre person.
Your strength lies in what you think , what you do and what responsibilities you have in your life.
Never lose a thing while running for the smaller truths in life.
See the bigger truths in life and that’ll help.


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