Have you ever wondered what all situations a person goes through behind whom you mock.
Yes its very easy to criticise a person.
Its very easy to degrade the reputation of a person.
Just because the person left you.
Or just because the person is not with you.
Or rather just because that person no longer cannot compromise with their own emotions and happiness for the sake of others.
We will in a society that we were with someone after they get separated we will find another one to hook up with.
Just because you were not wearing the shoes of that person how can you determine the future or can make presumptions about what is he going to do later in his life.
Whether that person is going to allow anybody in there lives further.
Who are you to decide?
It is not always that we leave a person to hook up with another.
Self happiness , priorities are also some named words . If you haven’t heard of them go in a search of them rather than making your intuitions come true for others.
Have your life and life it .


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