When suddenly you come to know that you have to leave behind everything and life your life further.
Unlock what lays further.
What you went through was just a bad phase of time.
Which you have faced earlier than other people.
Everybody at some point of time experiences betrayal and hatred.
The person who you considered home.
Left you homeless.
In this not so familiar world where everybody desires there happiness at the cost of everybody’s happiness.
Even a mental trauma is a weaker term to describe the state of mind which is filled only with memories when knocked only sound hollow.
It feels like every iota of happiness is being snatched from there heart.
People start faking smiles.
When they have lived with a person who comes out as the biggest betrayal ever.
Everything starts faking automatically.
The smile.
The happiness.
The people.
Everything seems fake.
This is not mental trauma which you are going through its just the result of excessive feelings you had for the undeserving person.


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