There are many people who are the worst enemies of your happiness.
They are the ones who will never know that what they did that made you sad.
Those people should only rebelled.
Their closeness to you will only bring you codswallop thoughts.
They are the ones who will destroy your mood to such a peak level that you sometimes feel that why do those people even exist in your life.
Sometimes you feel how have you given permission to such kind of people to intervene in your life.
Such people are only a way to pull you back from your happiness.
Pull you back from your goals.
They will always feel that its your mistake.
And realise their own.
They are ones who will need us only when they don’t have enough people around them.
They will never remember you when they are busy or working.
It will always be you who will remind them that you are a part of their life.
Lately you lose your precious charm and smile because of these people.
These people are only hindrances in your life.
Throw them out of your life as they do not deserve your love and your care.
Moreover they don’t deserve to be a part of your life.


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