Do anybody holds a right to abuse you ?

Think once and you will get an answer .
The bonzer abusive words they use to insult or rather simply humiliate us make them feel so satisfied in their hearts as if they have achieved something very praiseworthy.

These days the trend is if someone is not in your good books then you backbitch that person to satisfy your hatred for them.
Have you ever tried to figure out what words you speak while you are angry or have you ever thought what those words mean.

No because abusing someone comes as a reflex but the meaning is kept in the unconscious mind.
If you dont abuse anyone with the trending abusive phrases you are considered a backward person.
Do our society follow these norms to justify who is elite and who is backward in our society ?
If no , then why are we judged on these basis. Why a simple person who can speak politely considered weak by modern era.

If yes , then i have no problem in saying that yes i dont fit into your modern standards .
Because its me who decide what decorum i should have . Because i dont have to fit into your standards i have my own , which are antithetical to yours.

You think your codswallop behavior is of extreme dignity. Yes it might be for some who are trying to cope up with the trending era but for me your demure is just tomfoolery.
People say the world can be changed by speech , when you dont have control over your horrendous speech do you think you have a right to speak even.

Yes now you will argue that you have a right to speak anything. Yes you have a right to speak anything i am not depriving you of your fundamental rights but then again dont show a hand to someone who points out a finger at your upbringing. If your speech is an outcome of your upbringing don’t argue that you belong to a very elite family.
Because highness is shown in the way you converse not in the way you abuse.


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