When we start drifting from the person who meant a lot to us and who still has that special place in the corner of our heart that we cannot give it to others, we don’t even dare to..maybe in the end there is always one person who is more attached than the other..maybe in the end we never get enough of what we expected. Maybe in the end this is called love..maybe in end messing up always win a pure faithful soul. We run from our past and say don’t worry about the future just live in the present moment. How can we live this moment when it is already going to end someday more worst than past. Ironically past is better..people say you have changed now that means they were perfect in the past and now they are no more perfect..so past was beautiful….it had downs so it had ups to compensate…it had sadness so it also had happiness to overcome that sadness…but what does present have only screwed up lives…we were best in past…and we are worst in present…EXPECTATIONS !!! That’s it…do we have a right to expect anything from others when we ourselves are not able to stand up to our expectations..how can we expect that the other person will fulfil all our wishes…its ironical how we accept ourselves and love ourselves despite of the fact that we have many flaws and we cannot love a person just with a few flaws…people are ironical…world itself is an irony.


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