Life cannot be a immortal living.
One who has seen this world is destined to see the hell and heaven also.
Life is one time experience which you can either make yourself or you can just do what others expect you to do.
When you go through the journey called life let not give people a chance to say he just passed his life. Rather make people force to say he lived his life.
Its your life which you will get only once let not people dominate over it .
Make it the best.
Go to the highest mountain you feared in childhood.
Dive into the deepest see , which you fanticised when young.
Achieve everything which people only think of.
Obambulate here and there.
Don’t you regret anything in your oldage.
Do what you think is right.
You are obliged only to yourself.
You are only liable to answer your questions.
Don’t ever work to please someone. Just do it to make yourself satisfied.
There will be many hindrances in your pathway till you own the zenith of everything but its upto you how you face them.
Make the best use of your time to its fullest .
Don’t spare an iota of your life just to regret what people said behind you.
Its there job to speak and its your job to show them what you can do.


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