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Once upon the earth.

Self acceptance and self love is the greatest concern of today’s youth.
We are constantly living upto the expectations of people who are a mere facade.
Where our fiasco are considered a blunder and we could not repair from that.
We need to know that none of us should be defined by the worst things we’ve ever done.
Some moments are gold if we don’t pretend them.
And some are hollow even if we fake them.
We should be taught like a flower who manages to bloom in the bright sun and even if it is hidden by the dark clouds.
Making our lives look great to the other might bring you satisfaction but in the end when you make your life real great you feel elite.
Try to collect memories and experiences.
Have stories to tell , not stuff to show.
If we are collecting things and not adventures in your life let me remind you its just sabotage.
You are not defined by 36-24-36.
You are defined by what gives you impunity in life.
You are defined by the way you carry your flaws and imperfections like its all you have and you are proud to accept them and carry them with confidence.
You are defined by the audacity you have to control your self before you start controlling others.
You are the best gift ever the god gifted to mankind.
Don’t impound you by the narrow mind of the people around you because it is a bubble when you try to adjust into that bubble the bubble will burst and then you will be facing the reality.
So its important to be ready to face the reality than merely trying to fit into the bubble of peoples perception.

Who are you? A victim or survivor.

Dear All,

I was just wondering how do people covet for relationships.
The same story is repeated all over again.
You talk to someone.
The become your habit.
You fall in love.
You express that love.
You live together.
You call yourselves couple goals.
You start ignoring the person you love.
You start feeling bored.
You start to feel that you can’t the person anymore.
You start thinking the relation is not working anymore.
You get separated.
And this process goes on and on.
The above lines in short can be called “TODAY’S TREND”.
I have seen people holding hands.
I have seen people declining in love.
At one time you can be complete adults and the other time the childish one.
But in the end what you do is care.
Relationships have fights.
But not daily.
Relations may break one day.
But what if it break each day.
The happiest person today is who has a partner.
Who are couple goals.
Who post the pictures of their partner on social media to make others feel low.
To celebrate each day.
Isn’t it important to tell somebody that what place they hold in your life.
Ok don’t tell at least you can show.
Life is all about prioritizing things.
And its the best way to show someone how you feel about them.
If you have been in love then you might know that its a confusing mixture of everything.
But everything has to go side by side.
You can just fall in love.
But you will not be able to live in love.
Love kills from within if not reciprocated in the similar way.
Love kills when you dreams are not fulfilled by your partner,after all we are human beings and each being desires something.
Love kills when you see no future.
When you know it cannot last forever but you still don’t have the power to overcome that person.
You start suffering, you start hurting yourself.
Because the person earlier was there to hold you when you fall but now that same person is the reason why you fall.
That feeling how that the person doesn’t feel the same like you feel for them that feeling tears you apart.
It hurts more when you ultimately realise that its never enough a person can give as in the end it was never meant to be.
Nevertheless love is a painful story.
A story which ends happily only in dreams. and fairytales.
Though how much you disagree on my point , there might have come a day or a day might come when you will also say “IT’S ENOUGH”.
When you will realise that love is dream , a fantasy, a philosophy or rather a myth.
Old Cupid is also tired of making the same person fall in love every month with another one.
Cupid has many arrows but you have only one heart.
Love is trap.
Better stay out of it.
Or it will destroy your consciences.
Don’t let love make you a victim of itself its creepy and just a futz.
Its frustrating to love someone with full potential who doesn’t reciprocate even an iota of it.

Yours stupid ,

Lets be mature

What comes to mind when you call yourself a fully matured person?
A child’s id can never make him strive for a maturity level.
A teenager’s ego can never make you strive for maturity.
An adult’s super ego is the perfect route for the destined maturity.
In this hostile world when you realise that the acquisition of every worldly possession is not your greatest dream but smiling on a minor fiasco is greater, then you can call yourself matured.
When you realise that its not important to overt everything going in your to social media, call yourself mature.
When you realise you don’t have to meet people to just get yourself clicked to be posted on social media but you meet people to make memories, call yourself matured.
When you realise that you don’t have to walk hand in hand with your partner.
When you realise that you don’t have to talk to your partner every single second to make him or her realise that you love them.
When you realise that meeting your partner every time and every time hugging and kissing won’t show your love or make him free from insecurities, call yourself matured.
When you realise that life goals are more important than your relationship goals, call yourself mature.
When you realise that life is not a bed of roses but life is in being prudent, call yourself mature.
When you realise that its not always people who can make your mood okay but its you who needs solace sometimes from worldly affairs, call yourself mature.
When you realise that don’t have to fake your life to make it appear big, call yourself mature.
Maturity comes from within , not with the idea of being mature.
Maturity is a self realisation.
Neither I nor anybody else can make you mature in your approach.

Actions speak louder than words

Actions are more revealing of one’s true character since it is easy to say things or make promises, but it takes effort to do things and follow through.
People say things and make promises they have no intention of keeping on a daily basis. You can tell someone you love him or her as many times as you want, but until your behavior coincides with that, the other person will probably not believe you. Some feelings cannot be expressed in mere words; they require actions to speak for the.
But what if when you only have words.
Words which may have a indelible effect.
What if actions impound me and words provide me impunity.
I want you in my life not because to take care of me when I am disheartened due to reasons.
I want you to be beside me when I am running short of words to complete my poetry.
I’ll make sure I love you when you write for me albeit it may contain many wrongs.
I promise i’ll be there to rectify them.
In your jargon moments i’ll be your words.
Just be the one I need daily not to show your love in actions but in words.
Yes actions may speak louder than words.
But to be prudent , actions can be deceptive but words never lie.
Actions can be manipulated ,
words come from within.

Last Day Enlightment

Do you have time?
If no then take out some.
If yes then think about it.
You are away from home living away from your parents.
Living on there money.
You came to stand up to their expectations.
But fulfilling your wishes.
What does the generation of today wish.
Yes the modern trend has made us so elite in our terms that we consider doing all stuff like drinking , sex , lavish life on the money of whom.
Yes answer it on the money of whom?
Yes the one’s who gave you birth , who took care of you selflessly , who are the one who make you rise when ever you fall.
They did not ask you anything but every time you ask them for money.
A thing which you don’t own.
A thing which belongs to them.
You spend it like you deserve it.
I’ll ask you a thing.
Whatever age you are have you done anything to make your parents proud.
And how many things are you presently doing which doesn’t suit your highness.
Today i really understood was selfless and humanity is.
Much of the people destroying this earth day by day only has humanity and selfless only in their vocabulary.
But do you even know what does it means.
I am not wanting your oxford dictionary meaning.
That even i can read .
Your mother. Yes your mother , not anybody you don’t know.
I guess she is the best person you know the best.
She is the definition of selfless.
You have a real example in your life and you were finding that in the oxford.
And here comes humanity poking its nose.
We give speeches on being humane in our approach.
Oh young one come here lemme give a hug if that is what you call humanity.
I have seen people wasting things they don’t no longer desire for it.
Doesn’t it hurts your heart even an iota when you do that.
When you have a twitch in your heart upon doing things which are mediocre these days you can proudly call yourself that you are a bit of human.
There is a lot of difference in being human and a human being.
Figure out who you are and you’ll get your answer.
Following the mundane routine is normal.
But showing a bit humanity is immortal.
Never in life cry about things you don’t posses.
The person in front of you might not even have what you posses and still smiling.
Don’t show yourself as a weak , meagre person.
Your strength lies in what you think , what you do and what responsibilities you have in your life.
Never lose a thing while running for the smaller truths in life.
See the bigger truths in life and that’ll help.

Have a life

Have you ever wondered what all situations a person goes through behind whom you mock.
Yes its very easy to criticise a person.
Its very easy to degrade the reputation of a person.
Just because the person left you.
Or just because the person is not with you.
Or rather just because that person no longer cannot compromise with their own emotions and happiness for the sake of others.
We will in a society that we were with someone after they get separated we will find another one to hook up with.
Just because you were not wearing the shoes of that person how can you determine the future or can make presumptions about what is he going to do later in his life.
Whether that person is going to allow anybody in there lives further.
Who are you to decide?
It is not always that we leave a person to hook up with another.
Self happiness , priorities are also some named words . If you haven’t heard of them go in a search of them rather than making your intuitions come true for others.
Have your life and life it .

Get rid of it

When suddenly you come to know that you have to leave behind everything and life your life further.
Unlock what lays further.
What you went through was just a bad phase of time.
Which you have faced earlier than other people.
Everybody at some point of time experiences betrayal and hatred.
The person who you considered home.
Left you homeless.
In this not so familiar world where everybody desires there happiness at the cost of everybody’s happiness.
Even a mental trauma is a weaker term to describe the state of mind which is filled only with memories when knocked only sound hollow.
It feels like every iota of happiness is being snatched from there heart.
People start faking smiles.
When they have lived with a person who comes out as the biggest betrayal ever.
Everything starts faking automatically.
The smile.
The happiness.
The people.
Everything seems fake.
This is not mental trauma which you are going through its just the result of excessive feelings you had for the undeserving person.

Throw them away

There are many people who are the worst enemies of your happiness.
They are the ones who will never know that what they did that made you sad.
Those people should only rebelled.
Their closeness to you will only bring you codswallop thoughts.
They are the ones who will destroy your mood to such a peak level that you sometimes feel that why do those people even exist in your life.
Sometimes you feel how have you given permission to such kind of people to intervene in your life.
Such people are only a way to pull you back from your happiness.
Pull you back from your goals.
They will always feel that its your mistake.
And realise their own.
They are ones who will need us only when they don’t have enough people around them.
They will never remember you when they are busy or working.
It will always be you who will remind them that you are a part of their life.
Lately you lose your precious charm and smile because of these people.
These people are only hindrances in your life.
Throw them out of your life as they do not deserve your love and your care.
Moreover they don’t deserve to be a part of your life.


Do anybody holds a right to abuse you ?

Think once and you will get an answer .
The bonzer abusive words they use to insult or rather simply humiliate us make them feel so satisfied in their hearts as if they have achieved something very praiseworthy.

These days the trend is if someone is not in your good books then you backbitch that person to satisfy your hatred for them.
Have you ever tried to figure out what words you speak while you are angry or have you ever thought what those words mean.

No because abusing someone comes as a reflex but the meaning is kept in the unconscious mind.
If you dont abuse anyone with the trending abusive phrases you are considered a backward person.
Do our society follow these norms to justify who is elite and who is backward in our society ?
If no , then why are we judged on these basis. Why a simple person who can speak politely considered weak by modern era.

If yes , then i have no problem in saying that yes i dont fit into your modern standards .
Because its me who decide what decorum i should have . Because i dont have to fit into your standards i have my own , which are antithetical to yours.

You think your codswallop behavior is of extreme dignity. Yes it might be for some who are trying to cope up with the trending era but for me your demure is just tomfoolery.
People say the world can be changed by speech , when you dont have control over your horrendous speech do you think you have a right to speak even.

Yes now you will argue that you have a right to speak anything. Yes you have a right to speak anything i am not depriving you of your fundamental rights but then again dont show a hand to someone who points out a finger at your upbringing. If your speech is an outcome of your upbringing don’t argue that you belong to a very elite family.
Because highness is shown in the way you converse not in the way you abuse.

The World We Live In

For a world so mean and full of hostile intentions.
For a world full of profligates.
For a world full of obfuscate thoughts.
Where a mere light light of glamour changes people’s mind.
She wearing a full dress , is backward.
Now she wearing a short dress is slut.
Where people are of the opinion that exposing their bodies will give them name and fame.
Where even a seven year old child is raped.
Where we tend to portray ourselves being elite.
Where on the other hand we our worst than animals.
Where everything happens for a reason.
Where every good deed done has a selfish motive.
Where everyone wears a mask of humanity.
Where underneath lies hatred and negativity.
Here is this world we belong to.
Struggling for our existence.
No less than others.